Dissolver 2300Z - 3500Z


DIAF has developed a new line of In addition to the frequency converter frequency converter controlled dissolvers these dissolvers can be supplied with the with special attention to low noise. This line well proven also include the 3 models shown in this prospekt. The prices are almost the same DIAF process control system as the equivalent to the traditional belt pulley dissolver.

The Advantages are:

  • Good dispersion, pre-mixing and ready mixing at low power consumption
  • Connection to either 50 or 60 cycle mains circuit without change of motor
  • Simplified mechanical construction
  • Critical shaft speed (rpm) can be eliminated.

In addition to the frequency converter these dissolvers can be supplied with the well proven DIAF process control system using PLC where:

  • The speed and level of the plate turbine is optimised during adding of solids and dispersion
  • The temperature of the product can be measured in fixed as well as mobile containers
  • An adjustable timer function makes it possible to pre-set dispersion time
  • Process data can be sampled and stored in a PC for supervision and Quality Control
  • A build-in modem gives DIAF access to the machine and saves time when possible trouble shooting is requested.


Dissolver 2300Z - 3500Z